We have a painless booking system, no run around and definitely no call centre based offshore! No need to waste time trying to organize appointment times with agents either. Let us do the booking for you.

We also forward copies of reports/ certificates to your conveyancer or solicitor if required.

Our inspection reports are in plain English (not homebuilding jargon). Reports are issued within 24 hours of the inspection and are prepared in accordance with Australian Standard (AS 4349.1-2007 and AS 4349.3) requirements.

We highlight areas of concern and point out safety hazards and defects that may need costly repairs. We also take extensive photos showing the location of identified defects and safety hazards.

If we find areas of high moisture that are of concern, we will also scan the area with thermal imaging camera. Thermal imaging will help more accurately to identify the extent of termite activity or other issue or conducive condition that has been found.

This extra service is provided FREE! With photos!

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